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Embracing the Season We're In

I'm working on loving the present moment.

I realized not too long ago that in the depths of summer, I find myself yearning for the quiet, slower pace of winter . . . and in the depths of winter, I genuinely miss the craziness of the summer. And I wondered: instead of constantly wishing for what comes next, how hard would it be for me to just enjoy the moment I'm in and know that the next season will come when it's time?

I thought it might be a good opportunity for me to share with you the contrast between the two seasons, and what life looks like here both in July and in December. If nothing else, a reminder to myself of all the things to appreciate during all the seasons of the year!

1. Saturday mornings

In the summer, Saturday mornings are spent at the farmer's market. It's truly my favorite part of the week. Here is a car full of flowers headed to the market in Sparta!

In the winter, Saturday mornings are spent assessing the previous season and planning/ordering/writing my weekly to-do lists for the next year. Usually pancakes are involved. Coffee is always involved!

2. 5:00 pm

In the summer, 5 pm is just the beginning of evening tasks, especially since harvesting can only be done during the coolest parts of the day.

In the winter, 5 pm is . . . dark. Although I definitely prefer longer days, I can appreciate the forced "end of the work day" and we take advantage of extra family time in the evenings.

3. The Flower Beds

In the summer, annual flower beds are in their prime. It's hard to imagine this scene without the green!

In the winter, annual flower beds are empty, and usually covered in snow, although this year we're still waiting.

4. The Music

In the summer, the girls take over the house, and I'm too busy to care about the small stuff. If you're over, you'll surely hear some Baby Shark, Party Freeze Dance Song, and Kidz Bop (on repeat).

In the winter, I take my house back (one room at a time), and you'd likely hear some Christmas music (between Halloween and New Year's), and Contemporary Christian after that.

One thing I hope is the same, no matter the season, is a smile on my face. Whatever stage of the year we're in, I'm loving this journey. I hope you are embracing the season you're in too!

Be well,



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