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Fresh Flower Subscription FAQs

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1.  Is there an added benefit to signing up for a subscription?  Couldn't I just buy my flowers each week at the market?  

YES.  And yes, you can just buy your flowers each week at the market.  

But subscription bouquets are the priority.  Each week, as I survey my buckets of freshly cut stems, the subscription bouquets are always put together first, using the newest flower varieties, and the biggest blooms.  For example, if I only have a few callas to work with, subscribers will be getting those stems that week.  And if I sell out at the market, you
r bouquet is set aside and reserved especially for you.

PLUS-- You don't just get flowers.  With a flower subscription, you become a VIP customer, with access to:

  • a FREE backyard tour of our gardens and greenhouse (date TBD)

  • special offers and discounts (usually one per month) not available to the general public

  • deep discounts on extras: dahlia tubers, lily bulbs, dried flower bunches, seedlings, etc. that we have left over and need to get rid of!

Don't miss out on all these benefits!

2.  If I reserve a flower subscription, when does it start and how often do I get a fresh bouquet?

We grow all of our own flowers, right in our backyard, and do not source any flowers from anywhere else, so that means that our flowers are only available in season.  This year we are offering weekly, biweekly, and monthly subscriptions, from May through September.  Although we have general bouquets and arrangements available from April- October, we only run subscriptions at times of high volume.

3.  How do I get the flowers?

You can choose to have your flowers delivered (we deliver to Sparta, Norwalk, Ontario, and Wilton, WI zip codes), or pick them up at the Sparta Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings between 8-noon.  Additionally, you can choose to pick your flowers up from our farm by appointment.  If you choose a subscription which includes delivery (and purchase it through our online shop), the delivery fee is part of the total price. 

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4.  If I give a flower subscription as a gift to someone else, and the flowers aren't in season or ready yet, what can I give the recipient in the meantime?

We've got you covered!

We have gifting cards/envelopes available-- included for free with any subscription purchase-- that explain to the recipient that they will be receiving flowers in the near future!  You hand them the envelope and rest assured that they will be enjoying your gift months later.

Gifting Cards.jpg


5.  How do I sign up? 

Every fall, current subscribers have first chance to re-subscribe for the following season, with a special subscriber discount.  Then, we open subscriptions up to the general public for most of the off-season, or until all our spots are full.  This year, current subscribers have until September 15 to keep their spot.


Then subscriptions will go live for one week only starting September 18th, 2023.

If you are interested, you can visit our online shop, choose the subscription you wish to purchase, add it to your cart, and check out like you would on any other website, using a credit card or PayPal to complete your purchase.  

Either way, you can expect to hear from us a few weeks before your subscription's start date to coordinate delivery/pick up details and to confirm our starting/ending dates.


6.  What if I won't be home to receive my flower delivery?  Or what if I'm going to be gone for several days?


We typically make our deliveries on Thursday mornings.  If for some reason that needs to change, we reach out to well in advance so that there are no surprises!


If it's not possible for you to be home, simply set a bucket of water on your porch or front step.  (I always bring an extra bucket with your first bouquet, just in case).  I'll drop them in and they'll be waiting for you when you get back.  Then you can reuse the same bucket each week.


And if you're going on vacation, or will be out of town, communicate with me ahead of time.  We can figure out a solution.  In some cases, we can easily skip a week and add one more bouquet on at the end of the season.  Sometimes the subscriber sends a friend or family member to pick up and enjoy their bouquet that week.  And sometimes they ask me to donate their bouquet to a local nursing home.


7.  What's the difference between standard, premium, and deluxe?

Standard, premium, and deluxe refers to the size of the bouquets that you'll receive.  Standard bouquets generally have 7-12 stems of flowers and foliage, and fit nicely in a small vase.

Premium bouquets generally have 10-20 stems of flowers and foliage, and fit nicely into a medium vase or a narrow-mouth mason jar.


Deluxe bouquetes generally have 15-30 stems of flowers and foliage and fit nicely into a large vase or a wide mouth mason jar.

All bouquets come wrapped in kraft paper and include flower food and vase life instructions.  Add a vase and personalized message for an additional fee if you choose. 

8.  What if I really enjoy picking out my own bouquet each Saturday morning at the market?

Some people love the experience of perusing all the flowers, each arrangement unique, and choosing one that speaks to them each Saturday morning.  If you are one of those people, rest assured-- we won't rob you of that moment!  We do reserve a bouquet especially for you-- mostly for my own peace of mind.  But when you arrive to pick up your bouquet, you are always welcome to switch the one we hand you for any other bouquet available to the general public, assuming that it is of the same size/value (standard, premium, or deluxe).

If you select delivery, we take it upon ourselves to provide you with different blooms and/or colors every week, so that you're sure to enjoy something new every time.  Since we only use our own local, seasonal flowers, variety happens naturally on its own, as each flower shines at its own time each season.

If you have any other questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out-- we're happy to help you.

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