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We strive to provide our community with fresh, quality,  locally homegrown cut flowers.

Our intention is to be ecologically conscious, and to avoid the use of chemicals which could cause harm to our families, pets, the environment, or, of course, our customers.

Through the sale of our flowers, we aim to promote positivity and provide encouragement to those in our local community.



Part of our mission is to share our flowers in  an effort to spread cheer to those who may need it.  

In 2024, we will be offering free delivery to any subscription intended for a resident of the Morrow Home Community or Rolling Hills Rehabilitation Center in Sparta, WI!  

Over the last few seasons,  we were able to donate vegetable/herb seedlings and flower bouquets to CouleeCap, give free flowers to area nursing home residents, donate flowers for new teachers in local school districts, and take your nominations for tulip bouquet giveaways.  Thanks for your participation!

If you have an idea of a way that we can give back to the community in the upcoming 2024 season, please send us a message!

Thank you for supporting us and helping us share with those around us.

Mixed bouquets of flowers including marigolds, zinnias, cosmos, and rudbeckia
Blooms Brightening
Zinnias and rudbeckia flowers growing in adjacent flower beds

Why local flowers?

The trend to embrace seasonal, local flowers is part of a global effort to preserve our natural environment.  Locally grown flowers don't need to be flown thousands of miles to reach their destinations and require fewer measures of preservation during transit.  Pollution and exposure to harmful substances can be greatly reduced as a result.

Our flowers are locally homegrown, right in our backyard.  Whenever possible, they are harvested and hydrated just hours before they are in your hands.

Why local flowers?
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