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The Uplift Project is an opportunity to work together to bless others in our local community with flowers. Here's how this works:


You sponsor a bouquet for The Uplift Project by purchasing it online.  (We give the first $5 of every bouquet, which is why the price is reduced.)  You choose the charity/organization of your choice, the size of the bouquet you with to sponsor, and include a brief message of encouragement if you wish.   As your order is processed, a tag will be printed which includes the bouquet's destination, your name, and message (optional).  This order then enters The Uplift Project's queue.


As flowers become available (for example, during times of high volume or bumper crops, or when we have excess flowers due to a stormy Saturday morning) bouquets are delivered to the charities/organizations in the order that they were received.  On the day that your delivery is made, an email will be sent to you letting you know that your order has been completed.  Someone else will smile because of you!


The charity will ultimately determine who within their organization will receive the flowers.  They will use their knowledge and expertise to deliver the flowers to someone they know could use a lift.  


Because of the many variables in play (number of orders, availability of flowers, etc.), we can't guarantee that your bouquet will be delivered on a specific day.  If it will be longer than one month before your flowers will be delivered, we will contact you and let you know.


This project only works when we all work together.  You initiate the process and sponsor the bouquet.  We, Schell Farm Gardens, give the first $5 of every bouquet and then deliver to the organization for free.  And the organization donates their time and expertise in distributing the flowers accordingly-- to someone within their network who could use a lift.  (Note that we do not designate The Uplift Project's bouquets for specific people.)


Let's spread some joy together!


To learn more about each of the charities/organizations listed, please click the links below:


Sparta Area Cancer Support (SACS)

Rolling Hills Rehabilitation Center

Family Promise

The Morrow Home Community

The Uplift Project

PriceFrom $10.00
  • All flowers are grown in our backyard outside of Norwalk, WI.  Bouquets contain seasonal flowers and foliage-- all things that are currently blooming on the farm.  All bouquets come wrapped in paper and include flower food and vase life instructions.   


    Standard bouquets contain 7-12 stems and will fit nicely in a small vase.  Premium bouquets contain 10-20 stems and fit nicely in a medium-sized vase or a narrow-mouth mason jar.  Deluxe bouquets contain 15-25 stems and fit nicely in a large vase or a wide-mouth mason jar.


    During checkout, the system will ask for a local delivery address. and won't let you proceed without one.    Please use the following delivery addresses at checkout to avoid problems:


    The Morrow Home:  331 S Water St, Sparta, WI 54656


    Rolling Hills:  14400 County Hwy B, Sparta, WI 54656


    SACS and Family Promise:  18069 Lariat Ave, Norwalk, WI 54648


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