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A Few of My Favorite Things

Dear Flower Friends,

Before I started this flower venture, I was a fourth grade teacher. And I loved it. But with three very small children at home, I wanted-- and needed-- to spend more time at home. To leave a job I loved was difficult, to say the least, but in the end, it was right. Only a few months had passed before I realized that I needed to pursue something new. One thing led to another . . . and here I am. When I began, I didn't really know where I was headed, or how long the journey might become. And to be honest, I still don't know exactly what this is meant to be. But instead of dwelling on the questions of the future, I've tried to really soak up the present-- the moments that convince me that this path is the right one for now. I've been making a mental list for the last few years of all of those moments. As Thanksgiving approaches, here is a list of what I'm thankful for: "a few of my favorite things."

Sippy Cup Bouquets

Over the last few years, I've heard the same comment many times: "You must have beautiful fresh flowers all over your home!" I have to laugh, because it's pretty far from the truth. The flowers on my kitchen table are often the leftovers, the ones that didn't make the cut (missing petals, bug damage, etc), or vase life experiments. I remember one of my daughters feeling so bad for the culls one season. She would follow me out in the flower field and "rescue" any that I had designated for the compost pile. Then, when she had a fistful, she would dash back to the house-- imagine a flash of a ballerina tutu and bright pink rubber boots-- to get them into a sippy cup of water as soon as possible. If it wasn't a "sippy cup bouquet", it was dandelions-- and lots of them-- that landed on my kitchen counter. And you know what? While not the most impressive, these little bouquets always mean the most to me!

Early Mornings

Thankfully, I am an early riser. That's a good thing when you're growing cut flowers because flowers must be cut during the coolest part of the day for the longest vase life. As soon as the sun is up, I must be too. During the hottest days of summer, it's already too hot to harvest by 10 am, so making the most of the early morning is essential. With three little girls still (hopefully) sleeping, early morning is my favorite part of the day. This quiet time to myself gears me up for the day ahead of balancing garden tasks and taking care of the girls while my husband is at work. Aside from the peacefulness of the morning and the sunrise, you never know who you might find hiding among the plants!

The Magic of Flowers

When I started growing flowers for the farmers market, it was more about my general love of gardening, and less about an obsession with flowers in particular. In fact, my original intention was to have a combination of produce, flowers, and herbs. But I soon realized how the flower bouquets evoked so much emotion and goodness from the market-goers . . . I was touched. Random people would stop and tell me about what was blooming in their gardens, how tall their mammoth sunflowers were this year, and ask what they should do to save their lily bulbs from the voles.

But it didn't stop there. With a dreamy look in her eyes, one woman shared how her late husband always carried a bachelor's button flower in his shirt pocket, as she happened upon the only bouquet which had a few sprinkled in. A little boy, not tall enough to reach the counter, pondered each wrapped bouquet thoughtfully before choosing the perfect one for his mom. A customer battling cancer shared how flowers help her maintain a positive outlook and enjoy each and every day and the simple joys it brings.

People often share with me their "why" for purchasing flowers and I've come to greatly enjoy hearing these details . . . To ease another's pain after a loss, to lift spirits after surgery, to congratulate a young dancer after a first recital, to take a first step in reconciliation after a conflict, to practice self-care, to make someone feel special on a first date, to decorate the tables at a shower for a baby longed for and finally real. In the monumental milestones, and in the joys of everyday life, people buy flowers to . . . show love-- to others and to themselves.

I soon realized how important it was for me to provide flowers to share.

And so this is my very favorite thing: sharing the flowers I grow with love with the amazing customers who then pass that love on. Thank you for supporting this mission!

Happy Thanksgiving,


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My grandson from New Orleans is visiting me and he purchased a bouquet from you Saturday at the Sparta fest. Of course the Schell name sparked my eye. I am originally from Norwalk and maiden name Gnewikow so maybe know Doug Gnewikow from Norwalk. Small world and bouquet is beautiful.

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