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Your flowers have been carefully harvested and conditioned for optimal vase life.  However, how you handle the flowers from this moment forward will greatly affect their longevity.  Please keep these pointers in mind to enjoy them for as long as possible:


  • Begin with a CLEAN vase.  Wash it with soap and hot water, or run it through the dishwasher prior to use.  

  • Prepare a vase of cool water, mixed with the packet of provided flower food.  The flower food provides energy to the flower, maintains correct pH levels, and controls bacteria. 

  • Recut stems at an angle and place immediately in prepared water.

  • Keep flowers out of direct sunlight.

  • Avoid placing cut flowers near ripening fruit, as many varieties are sensitive to the ethylene gas emitted by fruit. 

  • Avoid exposing fresh flowers to second-hand smoke. 

  • If using flower food, recut stems and change water after 2-3 days (or sooner if water appears murky).  Change daily if using plain water.

  • In the absence of flower food, adding a drop of bleach to the new water will help to control bacteria. For a more natural alternative, try a teaspoon of vinegar. 

  • Remember that each unique flower has a unique expected vase life, but if these instructions are followed, you can generally expect to enjoy your flowers for 5-10 days.  

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